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Written by: My Karachi on December 16, 2017

Having the population of 18 million residents, Karachi is the largest city of Pakistan located at the bank of Arabian Sea, containing almost all the ethnic communities of Asia. Karachi has got the pet named as city of lights. The busy ports that is the Port Qasim and Karachi port take an impression of travel, concerning given the economic and profitable nature of Karachi. The architectural stamp of the British rule can be seen in form of Saint Patrick’s Cathedral since 1881 and many people of Christian community get especially the. Karachi flights to visit the old church. Being a coastal city, it has a serene weather; the rainy season remains till late summer. A line of beaches in the city offer a perfect beach party that attracts the people around Pakistan and worldwide and making them getting the cheap flights to Karachi.

Karachi International Film Festival – is fantastic event held annually in Karachi features all kinds of films like length, short, and documentary films as well as other events are the part of the festival that invites the showbiz celebrities and media persons globally by getting the flights to Karachi.

National Museum of Pakistan – is a wonderful site to visit, that displays a two million years Old axe discovered from the Potohar Plateau. There is a remarkable gallery describing the early civilization of Debal and Mansura. Another gallery ‘Freedom Movement gallery’ contains a large collection of pictures and articles concerning Independence movement published that time. The people getting the special cheap flights to Karachi from London, the museum gets the special attention of them.

Manora Island – is great place to visit, ferries and boats are available on rent. This is the island where the Talpurs gave up for British. You will also view the ruins of a 19th century temple. Many food stalls are also there selling fish. Many travel agencies featuring the cheap flights to Karachi also include the trip to island in their travel package.

Hawke’s Bay Beach – is the outstanding beach of Karachi having much more for fun like picnic, swimming, and camel riding. It is the beloved picnic spot of people of Pakistan and they book cheap flights to Karachi excitedly to have their exciting summer vacations there. The months of June to September it gets overloaded as the schools of Pakistan are closed for summer vacations. The beach is also home to the green water turtles which are one of the uncommon reptiles’ species. Many scientists and experimenters also book flights to Karachi to study and experiment on these reptiles.

Professionally I am an educationist. I am into writing and reading since childhood. For the past few years I am focusing on writing travel guides flights to Karachi as I am fond of traveling too. What I have come to a point that writing travel guide requires a lot of study and concentration.